Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

District 1 of the SW Diocese 1st. Brotherhood Retreat

Hello COCHUSA Family,

I pray all is well with each of you. On Saturday 4-Oct-2014, many of us gathered together at Lake Degray in Arkadelphia, AR for the inaugural 1st District Brotherhood Retreat. What a blessing it was to be in the midst of approximately 60 brothers of all ages. The district is made up of 6 churches and all churches were represented that day. The District Brotherhood President, Bro Fred Davis and his committee, did an awesome job of planning and pulling the eventful day together.  There were presentations, vital information, discussions, games, fishing, plenty to eat and just a wonderful day that the Lord blessed us with. Our Nat’l Convention President Bishop Kennebrew, Nat’l Brotherhood President Bro Gregory Wilson and SW Diocese Congress President Bro Anthony Tucker were all in attendance. Needless to say, this is probably the first of many retreats to follow. The day was well planned and District Brotherhood President Fred Davis and staff are to be commended for their vision and carrying it out to fruition.

And as the old-folk would say, “And a Good-Time was had by all!”  (<:

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