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Greetings fellow members of the ‘Great’ Southwestern Diocese.

We are all encouraged to support the building of a new church building for Overcometh Church in Slidell, LA. Please see the attached pledge form and began your donations today. Our goal is raise $45,000.00 between September 2015 and February 2016. YES we CAN DO IT with GOD’s HELP! Churches, auxiliaries, and individual members are asked to join this campaign and see GOD work. We need 100 donors who will contribute $25.00 per month, 50 donors who will contribute $50.00 per month and 25 donors who contribute $100.00 per month to accomplish our goal. Please download the pledge form and began your payments. In addition, for your convenience payments can also be made through paypal.

Be Blessed, Bishop Vernon E. Kennebrew

Download Pledge Form


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